Hello and welcome to my d20 future campaign. The story so far is the pc’s were abducted when they were children by an human orginazation and were to be trained to become the emissaries to the stars. After one debauchery filled night they woke up on a let’s say “sub-par” spaceship with an extra friend a 600 lbs boar that the mechanic beat to death with a wrench. After that the engine started failing so the group had to take refuge on a possibly hostile planet their they found there first signs of intelligent life the mousians.Who the party helped clear out a dead race facility that was full of xenomorphs to get the mousians some spare parts for their own spaceship that also had engine trouble. mousian tech is for fast use sense they have relatively short life spans.after that the mousians thanked the “heros” and asked if they needed a technician they all agreed and then they got a new crew member a mousian with a pink mohawk named “demon”.and after that the mousians were going to show them to the only trade planet in the quadrant “nebulas prime” that is crawling with crime.and that is were we are so far.

into oblivion

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